Delicious Fresh Food Products in Armidale

What makes Armidale Market Fresh stand out is quality and freshness. We source locally-grown fruit, vegetables, and freshly butchered meats that will help make your kitchen rule. Now you can create your favourite dishes for your family with the most delicious of fresh ingredients.

You’ll also enjoy our range of pre-made items crafted by local Australian bakers and artisans, such as scrumptious Goldfish Bowl Sourdough Bread. Once again, it’s flavour and freshness to the fore.

You can buy freshly caught fish from Deano’s Spring Water Smoked Trout and Hux’s Seafood, including the juiciest prawns and oysters in Armidale.

Fill your fridge and freezer with dairy products, chops, steak, mince, sausages, cutlets and rissoles and load up your pantry with nuts, pasta, sauces, herbs, and sweet treats for dessert.
Fruits Station —  Local Food Market in Armidale, NSW

armidale fresh flowers & produce

Fresh flowers are also available at Armidale Market Fresh. Choose from the beautiful blooms grown locally and have us make up a stunning floral arrangement for you. Our fresh food products can be found in local coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and clubs.

If you're short on time, you won’t even need to stop in at Armidale Market Fresh. We can deliver. Home delivery is free to all within the Armidale city limits. All flowers are source from the Sydney Markets & local when available.

This means you can save time, as well as money (enjoy market prices), all while you’re saving yourself from the ravages of poor nutrition. When your daily dietary requirements are met by Armidale Market Fresh, you’ll be eating fresher, tastier, and healthier.